Harmonize your People Data

FuseHR is a Cloud Warehousing solution designed for HR & IT to drastically cut infrastructure footprint cost and risks and comply with Data Privacy laws.  

Compatible with ALL HCM & Payroll applications:

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ADP Workforce ADP Enterprise HR ADP Globalview

Changing Payroll or HCM systems?

When you upgrade or convert your HR & Payroll systems, important (& legally required) records often get lost, either physically, or in a sea or unorganized data. Fuse HR let’s you start with a clean slate, providing a clear view of the past, so you can focus on the future.  Deploy a hybrid warehouse overnight in the cloud securely and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions — create a snapshot of your legacy system in the cloud.

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Acquisition & Divestiture Checklist for the HR & Payroll Merger

  Transition strategy checklist ☑️ M&A deals often land on HR and Payroll (and HRIT) without much warning and often without additional resourcing help to handle a successful operational consolidation effort. This often results in a failure to realize ROI on...

Acquisition & Divestiture Integration Roadmap for the HR & Payroll Merger

  HR and Payroll leadership face many daunting tasks in planning and execution specifically related to HR, Payroll and overlapping IT operations.  These challenges often have major impacts to Merger & Acquisition success rates.  Adding to the challenge, most...

Increasing the ROI of Workforce Analytics by Single Sourcing

Workforce Analytics is a difficult task for any organization.  It's a deep subject with lots of techniques, tricks, and gotchas.  However, before most organizations can begin to argue over statistic models they struggle with the mundane task of data collection.  In...

Data Management 101

Mastering the basics have been a hallmark of many successful people.  No one made fundamentals more central to their success than Vince Lombardi.  The start of the 1961 season started with Lombardi focusing on skills like blocking and tackling...

Cybersecurity Regulation Impact on HR and Payroll

The NY Department of Financial Services has proposed sweeping cybersecurity regulations taking effect March 2017 for all financial services organizations operating in New York State: “It is critical for all regulated institutions that have not...

Is Your HR Analytics strategy on the right path?

HR Analytics has now attracted the attention of most organizations as a critical strategic effort. However, is your strategy really a "long view" strategy? OR is it just tactical? If you are like most, the focus has been on quick wins in a...

HR and Payroll Data Retention & Archiving Compliance

The below table is not an exhaustive list of U.S. retention requirements, but covers the basics from a Federal perspective as well as a few specific requirements for Financial Services (BSA regulation)  and Chemical/ Pharmaceutical (FDA...

Why Archive Historical Data, Why Now?

Many companies know they should ask the question, "what's our historical archiving strategy?".  However, too often it ends there being added to a long list of "to-do's" which never get done. The move to cloud providers and constant shuffle in...
High Performer Attrition by Compensation Changes

Peril in HR Predictive Analytics

Having spent the past 15+ years in Human Resources technology,  I am generally excited about the things happening with SaaS, Mobile, and Analytics software and technology helping HR bring long awaited strategic value to organizations globally....

The single biggest challenge to HR strategic reporting is…

Fragmentation. More data in more places than ever before. Step 1 to getting ahead of the curve is consolidating your critical data all in one spot for HR where it can be secured and also managed according to data privacy compliance rules...
What could be more important than people?

Simplify Your Data

Whether it is multiple systems from upgrades or corporate mergers having multiple HCM and other human resource systems destroy your productivity. Learn how data archiving can simplify your landscape and increase your teams productivity by simplifying.

Secure Your Data

Human Resources data is sensitive data that must be secure. Fuse Analytics gives you the tools to ensure your data is protected with Role based access, end to end encryption, and features that enable you to easily comply with regulations.

Analyze Your Data

Big Data for people analytics is consolidation of all of the data in one place. What holds you back is inability to use all of your data to analyze and make decisions. Find out how Fuse Analytics enables real Big Data for Human Resources.


Strategies for Archiving HR & Payroll Data